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Half of all big programming projects fail because they run into walls of complexity. Modules interact in too many ways and a single bug in one triggers failures all over the project that become impossible to trace.

Well, the human brain is many magnitudes more complicated than anything we have built on computers. Now imagine two of these trying to communicate. Through words, gestures and facial expressions that mean slightly different things to every single person. It’s a miracle that we manage to build these huge societies that actually improve life for most of us instead of constantly collapsing into war or Ayn Randian sociopathy.

All these staring faces, signposts of brains just as complicated and messy as your own.

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Watch out, South-East England, ‘cos in 5 days time myself and 18 other, far more talented, acts will be doing our best to befuddle the bejeezus out of an incredibly over-specced PA system.