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Arboria Auralist - Janus Embraces the Unfamiliar and Enjoys the Peaceful Chaos Found Within [January 2014 acid pattern]

Back on the monthly acid pattern wagon for 2014 with a bunch of bespoke audio/visual generative code.

Custom ChucK sequencing scripts trigger all the best bugs in a prototype audio plug-in that, really, shouldn’t be making any sound on its own, as well as controlling a geometric graphics renderer inspired in no small part by the seminal works of John Whitney.

No oscillators, filters, envelopes, post-production, outboard or analogue equipment were harmed in the making of this malformed music for malfunctioning modems.

Now to think up a contrived conceit for February.

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Xylophone from the town of Bukuru in Nigeria. The instrument is made of drilled pine wood and cow horns attached with beeswax and spider web, and its carrying strap is made of an old zipper.

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Death is certain, but only after tortured madness.
Prince Barin, philosopher-regent of the Arboria region of Mongo.

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A microtonal keyboard on a Viennese fortepiano, from around 1795

My soul shakes and my heart flutters as I gaze upon this spectacle of matchless beauty.

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I’m not sure there really is such a thing as “over-thinking.” How can you tell if you’ve over-thought? What if you start thinking about over-thinking and end up thinking too much? Why does hardcore thinking have to have such a bad reputation anyway? It seems we’re proud to be hardcore and extreme in all sorts of other ways, why not in thinking? “Hey! Don’t over-think it, man!” Why not?

Moments of deep contemplation are crucial. Sure, we don’t want to immobilize ourselves by obsessing to a standstill, but don’t certain moments deserve deep consideration? When we’re at a crossroads, shouldn’t we look at where we stand in a self-conscious and thoughtful way?

Andrew W.K, The Village Voice blogs